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Date : 12/02/2015
Intervenant : Benoit Bideau
Affiliation : M2S (Mouvement, Sport, Santé), Université Rennes 2

Abstract: In dual sport situations or during interceptive actions,  experts exhibit great perceptual abilities and adapted coordinative skills. An important step to understand these perceptual and coordinative skills requires biomechanics and a careful analysis of the dual situation, in order to unravel the kinematic and dynamic properties existing at segmental and intersegmental levels. Virtual Reality (VR) can contribute to biomechanics standardization, through the control of synthetic humans. This control requires the modeling of realistic virtual humans, parameterized in a way compatible with general motion laws, which raises several difficulties, among which the simulation of  physical movements. This seminar will explore various ways to solve these difficulties, allowing us to reproduce a dual situation, immersing one of the two players in VR. This new real-virtual interaction allows the real-time interactive modeling of the immersed player, and the progressive simulation of autonomous virtual humans.