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Validation & Conception embedded technologies
Engineering sporting goods
Methods & Techniques for training, performance and well-being


Human-Computer Interaction and Robotics
Health-oriented Serious Games
Biofeedfack and Body-Brain-Computer interfaces




Multimodal simulation
Training and learning in virtual reality
Spatial orientation
Gravito inertial perturbation


Ergonomic and Neuro-Ergonomic
Diagnostic – Workspace
Evaluation muscle disorder
Arduousness and Handicap

Welcome to the EuroMov Technological Platform

Our knowledge and equipment to capture, measure, diagnose and characterize human movements

We offer you our modern facilities and services to meet your needs by drawing on the knowledge and expertise of our research laboratories (EuroMov, INRA, LIRMM, CHU Nîmes and Montpellier, LGI2P).

Our services


Support and facilitate the achievement of your research project, from concept to validation


Identify the scientific components of your project and your specific needs


Assess the impact, quality and compliance of your project or product.



Prove the scientific value of your project or your product


Support the development of your methodology, interpret your results, confirm your hypothesis



Promote discoveries, innovations and results based on your goals


Accelerate the acquisition of methodological and technical expertise for the realization of your project


Provide technical facilities, technological equipment, and dedicated lab space to conduct your research project in optimal conditions

 EuroMov, partner of your R&D project

Technological Platforms

Interactive motion simulator

Human ressources

Motion Analysing Equipements

Discover our technological platforms and tools

Promote technology transfer, from proof of concept to final product

i-Mose, a unique motion simulator in Europe

i-MoSeinteractive Motion Simulator at EuroMov, third world-prototype for research and R&D

i-MoSe is a versatile motion simulator allowing the test of multiple scientific questions, at both fundamental and applied levels,  in the following (non exhaustive) areas:

  • Biomechanics
  • Motor control
  • Neurosciences
  • Cognition Sciences
  • Robotics
  • Computer Science

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i-MoSe allows the development of, and research on,  new training methods (virtual reality & sport), adaptation to motion sicknessrehabilitation of balance  and walking disorders, new clinical methods, new neuroprostheses, etc…). more information

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Our tools

Here we provide a brief description of our main measuring devices available for your project. For a complete list, please contact EuroMov Technological Platform

Nirs Niro 300

NIRS device tissue oxygenation – non-invasive system for measuring cerebral and muscle oxygenation
Monark WinGate cycle

Monark WinGate cycle

Ergocycle for Wingate test – Ideal to measure maximum power and anaerobic metabolism in general

BTS Pocket EMG

EMG wireless – Measuring muscle activity, in synchronization with other systems.

Delsys Trigno Wireless EMG - MEMS

Measurement of synchronized muscle activity with inertial sensors and kinematics.

Grass S48

Electrical simulator: stimulator with isolation unit to stimulate muscles or nerves

Digitimer DS7A

Digitimer DS7A

Stimulator with constant current and high voltage – stimulation of a nerve to assess reflex activity
Biodex system III

Biodex system III

Isokinetic machine – Various parameters are measured during the evaluation of the muscular function

Vicon - MOCAP

3D motion capture with high precision, frequency, and resolution

Cosmed K4

Measurement of gas exchanges (O2 / CO2) with a portable device

Biomedical instrumentation

We create our own measuring systems to respond to your needs with adequate sensors
AMTI - Plateforme de force

AMTI - Plateforme de force

3D force platform coupled with Vicon and Delsys systems for  a complete 3D biomechanical analysis


Device for hypoxic normobar simulation of altitudes up to 5500m

Polhemus Liberty

Perfect simple electro-magnetic device to capture your movements in an immersive virtual reality environment.

ZAN 680

Gas exchange measurements to determine VO2max

Our industrial partners

We work with industry, market leaders, gold-level start-ups. Our policy is to remain an independent technology platform to better serve you and honor your R&D work.


We deeply thank our partners for their support and confidence

Our professional R&D network

Accelerate innovation

The EuroMov Technological Platform is surrounded by professional R&D services to complete your projects and to benefit from a wide variety of skills

Languedoc Roussillon Sport Emploi Tourisme

The Sport, Tourism, and Employment incubator. EuroMov participates in the training of hosted future companies. We are members of the board and the selection board, to select the best projects and support businesses creation.

Institut Méditerranéen des Métiers de la Longévité

Concerns the emergence of a new economic sector, the “Silver Economy”, around the home care for the elderly in the Languedoc-Roussillon region and particularly in the Nîmes metropolitan area

Labex Numev - Institut du Mouvement & Cybernétique

LabEx NUMEV was created within the greater construct of rallying the MIPS community (Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Systems) around the objective of tackling organic life, health and environmental issues.

We offer technological support to the various projects selected by the LabEx (Laboratory of Excellence).


The Innovation accelerator in sport business for companies dominantly hosted in the Rhône-Alpes Region. EuroMov is a member of the board and R&D platform.

Polytech' Montpellier

Polytech' Montpellier

One of the best Engineering School of Montpellier. We collaborate with the school and microelectronics industries for various prototyping activities

Ecole des Mines d'Alès

The Ecole des Mines d’Ales is one of the greatest engineer school in the country. We have a fruitful cooperation with the school, welcome internships, engineer stages, as well as staff members.

Tax Credit

R&D tax inventives, which aim to reduce the marginal cost of R&D activities. These provisions encourage private investment in R&D, stimulate the creation of R&D companies and attract foreign company research centres. These observations are particularly true of the French research tax credit


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The foundation aims to create links between the business world and the university of Montpellier. EuroMov is a flagship project of our foundation.

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