EuroMov, European Research Center on Human Movement +33 434 432 630 EuroMov is a research centre of Université de Montpellier Université de Montpellier

Our mission :


Identify Sensorimotor Signatures of Health

Neuroplasticity & Rehabilitation

Understand the dynamics of brain-behaviour, and promote cerebral and functional plasticity

Rhythm & Synchronization

Identify the fundamental principles underlying human synchronisation

Complexity & Adaptability

Identify and restore the fundamental mechanisms underlying behavioral complexity

Biological Signal Processing

Reduce the complexity of biological signals, and extract quantifiable signatures of health

Sensori-Motor signatures of Health

These markers — physiological, neuromuscular, segmental, sensorimotor, neurological, etc. — constitute a behavioural map, allowing the early detection of potentially risky behaviours (falls for instance), and predictions about forthcoming perceptual or motor deficits (e.g., loss of autonomy with age, etc..). They reveal accurate information about the state of the sensorimotor system before, during, or after chronic or sudden brain / spinal cord injuries (hemiplegia, paraplegia, tetraplegia). They contribute to increase the precision of clinical diagnoses and provide guidelines for accelerating rehabilitation. Publications

Our 4 Objectives

les 4 objectifs de M2H en schéma


Complex movement etiology



Efficiency and Deficiency



Multidimensional biological signals



Multimodal technologies and accelerator

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Our research topics

Logo Neuroplasticity and Rehabilitation

Neuroplasticity & Rehabilitation

The general goals of Neuroplasticity & Rehabilitation (N&R) team are to (i) better understand the dynamics of brain and behaviour, and (ii) promote functional and brain plasticity.

Logo Rhythm and Synchronization

Rhythm & Synchronization

Rhythm & Synchronisation aims at (i) identifying governing principles of biological, cognitive, and social synchronisation and its deficits, and (ii)  stabilise and restore it through science-driven technological applications.

Logo Complexity et Adaptability

Complexity & Adaptability

Complexity is maybe one of the less properly understood concepts, and is often considered synonym of randomness and unpredictability. However, recent approaches converge toward precise definitions, considering complexity as a flexible and adaptive coordination between the multiple components in the system (Kello et al., 2010). Read more.


Biological Signal Processing

This transversal methodological axis aims at reducing the complexity of captured biological signals in order to extract quantifiable signatures of health.

Main collaborative projects

Euromov researchers are involved in several european and international scientific consortia. Active on the international scene, they invest heavily time and energy in building Europe’s research (FP6, FP7, H2020). Our research contracts




Research Lab LGI2P

Researchers of Ecole des Mines D’Alès members of research lab LGI2P

LGI2P Research Lab a detach a ICT&Health (TIC&Santé) team compose of 2 researchers (Gérard Dray and Vincent Derozier) and a research engineer (Pierre JEAN). The team is involved in the co-direction of thesis between Ecole des Mines d’Alès and Euromov Center (ex M2H ). Missions of ICT&Health team in EuroMov Center The team is involved in scientific collaboration and technologies support to EuroMov Center. It offers new methodologies in the processing and analysis of data.

Web site Research Lab lgi2p

Team ICT&Health LGI2P

Team ICT&Health LGI2P

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