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Multimodal Interfaces for Capturing and Transfer of Skill.
PI EuroMov: Benoît Bardy

SKILLS addresses fundamental and translational issues related to the acquisition, storage, maintenance and transfer of human skills using multimodal technologies such as virtual and augmented realities, human-machine interfaces, interaction design, and robotic systems.

SKILLS aims at introducing a novel approach to technology-assisted skill acquisition or rehabilitation based on enactive and direct interaction between learner and technology. Perception-action and cognitive accelerators embedded in specific training protocols are used at various stages of learning in several (real) trainee – (virtual) trainer situations.

In SKILLS, EuroMov was leading the main scientific work package – Fundamental research about skills – and was also involved in the leadership of the work package Sport & Entertainment.

Grant FP6-IST-IP #035005
Coordinator: Pr. Massimo Bergamasco, Scuola St Anna, Pisa, Italy
EuroMov role: PARTNER


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31 décembre 2011