EuroMov, European Research Center on Human Movement +33 434 432 630 EuroMov is a research centre of Université de Montpellier Université de Montpellier

Mocap Lab

Domain application : Sport-Health Digital, Health-Worker

What we do

Movement tracking, synchronisation between kinematic and kinetic marker. The room features wide surface to allow quality measurement.

Equipments & Tools


  • VICON MX 40
  • AMTI Force plate
  • DELSYS TrignoLab
  • Virtual Reality screen
  • security rail for locomotion studies on treadmill

Superficie : 80 m²

Example of experimentations


– Social interaction

– Algorithme validation for Kinect, Wii
– Effect of optic flow on coordination and location and the energetic cost.
– Learning a new complex skills with virtual reality: the juggling
– Study on trunk movement


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