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Modeling Arm Recovery After Stroke

Stroke affects 1.1 million Europeans every year, and a majority of stroke survivors show deficits in arm function 6 months after stroke. However, current motor rehabilitation is both expensive and relatively ineffective. The objectives of MARS are: 1. To develop and validate a multiple-time scale computational model of stroke recovery based on a scientific understanding of neural plasticity and motor learning after brain injury, and 2. To develop a novel adaptive, personalized, and low cost motor trainer to improve function of the upper extremity after stroke based on predictions of long-term recovery from the model.

Grant FP7-MC-IIF #299687
Coordinator: Pr. Benoît Bardy, Université de Montpellier
Principal Investigator: Pr. Nicolas Schweighofer, University of Southern California


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31 décembre 2014