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Enactive Interfaces
PI EuroMov: Benoît Bardy

Enactive knowledge is information gained through perception-action interactions with the environment. It is neither symbolic nor iconic.  It is direct, in the sense that it is natural and intuitive, based on experience and the perceptual consequences of motor acts.

The general objective of the ENACTIVE Network of Excellence is the creation of a multidisciplinary research community with the aim of structuring the research on a new generation of human-computer interfaces called Enactive Interfaces.

In Enactive, EuroMov coordinated the transversal work package #7: The psychophysics of multi-sensory perception. EuroMov also contributed to various activities and tasks related to the ontology of perception-action synergies.

Grant FP6-NoE #02114
Coordinator: Pr. Massimo Bergamasco, Scuola St Anna, Pisa, Italy
EuroMov role: PARTNER


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31 décembre 2007