EuroMov DHM


January 24, 2023

Kick-off of the

OPERGO-TMS project

Oussama Ben Ammar and Pierre Slangen (IMT Mines Alès, UMR EuroMov DHM) attended the launch of the Carnot M.I.N.E.S Health project at the Centre d’Ingénierie Santé (CIS) in St Etienne
The OPERGO-TMS project, in collaboration with Mines Paris and Mines St Etienne, has been granted a financial envelope of 278725€ which allows the Alesian team to recruit 23 months of post doc.
OPERGO-TMS concerns the optimization of workstation ergonomics using a multimodal approach to reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSD).
The partners are IMT Mines Alès – UMR EuroMov Digital Health in Motion, MINES Saint-Etienne – Centre Microélectronique de Provence – Département Sciences de la Fabrication & Logistique, Mines Paris – CENTRE DE ROBOTIQUE CAOR.


January 11, 2023

Kick-off of the European SHARESPACE project

Successful Take Off for the European Metaverse SHARESPACE project

After a busy six months preparing for this big moment, here we are! All (14) partners gathered at DFKI-Kaiserslautern in Germany to officially launch SHARESPACE, selected by the European Commission to transform digital experiences with Metaverse and eXtended Reality (XR).

SHARESHARESPACE — Embodied Social Experiences in Hybrid Shared Spaces — proposes to demonstrate a radically new technology for promoting ethical and social interaction in Shared Hybrid Spaces (SHS), anchored in human sensorimotor communication. Our core concept is to identify and segment social sensorimotor primitives and reconstruct them in hybrid settings to build continuous, embodied, and rich human-avatar experiences. Our long-term vision is to bring XR to a radically new level of presence and sociality by reconstructing sensorimotor primitives that enable ethical, trusted and inclusive modes of social interaction.

SHARESPACE is one of the four projects selected by the European Commission (HORIZON-CL4-2022-HUMAN-01-14) on Extended Reality Technologies which aims at launching a virtuous and inclusive European Metaverse.

On your marks – Ready – Go 🚀🚀🚀



Jean-Cédric Durand has succeeded Jean Valcarcel as Dean of the Faculty of Odontology of the University of Montpellier on December 09, 2022. Jean Valcarcel had participated in the establishment of a scientific collaboration with IMT Mines Alès since 2006, more precisely with the research teams focused on speckle interferometry, mechanics and fast imaging. Since then, theses, missions, and technological studies have regularly taken place in collaboration between the two entities, and numerous international publications have resulted.
The arrival of Jean-Cédric Durand as Director of the Faculty of Odontology reinforces the links established for more than 10 years with IMT Mines Alès and announces future joint projects.
Professor Pierre Slangen (teacher-researcher at IMT Mines Alès within the EuroMov-DHM research unit) is a member of the Faculty’s Scientific Commission and Management Board, two bodies that help define the scientific and administrative orientations of the structure.




  • Ludovic Molle (SMH) – December 5th, 2022 –  Direction: Arnaud Dupeyron, Stéphane Perrey
    The respiratory modulation of cognition

  • Méyi Duleme (SMH) – December 6th, 2022Direction: Gérard Dray, Stéphane Perrey
    Evidence for a neurophysiological signature of working memory load in dynamic settings

  • Gulham-Sakhi Shokouh (I2S) –  December 6th, 2022 – Direction: Philippe Montesinos, Baptiste Magnier
    Evaluation and Anisotropic Image Filtering

  • Louis Hognon (SMH) – December 8, 2022 – Direction: Kjerstin Torre, Alain Varray
    Adaptability as a new concept of health with complex systems approaches in the context of chronic disease individuals

  • Pauline Caille (SMH) – December 12, 2022 – Direction: Stephan Yannick, Nelly Heraud (Korian)
    The role of personality traits in responses to pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with chronic respiratory diseases

  • Clémentine Colomer (SMH) – December 12, 2022 – Direction: Julien Lagarde, Ganesh Gowrishankar (LIRMM)
    Information exchange and role emergence during interpersonal haptic interactions

Scientific Day 2022

The scientific day of November 10, 2022 in the Camargue area gathered 80 people. Several highlights punctuated this day. These included the presentation of the results of the first four theses resulting from the merger between the University of Montpellier and IMT Mines Alès, the digital simulation tools for movement and the use of calculation servers, and two plenary lectures on the reproducibility of research data and interdisciplinary work between sound, music and human movement.