EuroMov, European Research Center on Human Movement +33 434 432 630 EuroMov is a research centre of Université de Montpellier Université de Montpellier

Research group

Neuroplasticity and Rehabilitation

Our Neuroplasticity & Rehabilitation (N&R) group led by Professors Laffont I. (MD, PhD) and Perrey S. (PhD) aims to understand better the relationship between brain plasticity and motor behavior in humans, and identify optimal procedures to promote brain plasticity and enhance sensorimotor recovery in Stroke patients.

The N&R team targets to provide advanced healthcare methodologies and innovative technological means to support health professionals to quantify and measure objectively the clinical status and rehabilitation progress of patients suffering from Stroke.

We use a theoretical background from the physical medicine and rehabilitation, behavioral neuroscience and neurophysiology fields, including promising neuroimaging techniques (e.g. functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy) with behavioral outcomes, non-invasive brain stimulation techniques (such as transcranial direct current stimulation and transcranial magnetic stimulation) and virtual reality paradigms as adjunct therapies to enhance sensorimotor recovery after stroke.


The current projects are focused on:

  • Trunk maladaptive compensation during a grasping task among stroke patients.
    • kinematics / serious gaming
  • Using advanced technology to improve stroke rehabilitation: tDCS during virtual reality serious gaming.
  • Neuroimaging (EEG-fNIRS) guided non-invasive brain stimulation (tDCS-TMS) to facilitate:
    • Brain plasticity in stroke rehabilitation
    • Motor performance and cortical excitability
  • Reorganization of cortical motor areas and interhemispheric balance in the early phase of post stroke recovery.
    • kinematics / motor variability / fNIRS


Key figures (2015-2016)

3 Professors, Hospital Practitioners

1 Postdoctoral Researcher

2 Medical Doctors, Hospital Practitioners

3 Professors

1 Temporary Research & Teaching Assistant

6 Master Students (Human Movement Science)

1 Associate Professor

3 Associate Researchers

4 PhD Students (one with C&A team, one with R&S team)

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