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EuroMov, Onera and Airbus team up to understand spatial orientation in pilots


In the context of the national call Investissement d’Avenir IKKY SEFA “Embarked Systems and Advanced Functionalities” EuroMov launches a new collaborative project with Onera, Airbus opérations SAS, and Airbus Helicopters, aiming at better understanding the fundamentals of multisensory integration during spatial orientation in pilots. This new project – CoSenses – implies (i) modeling basic principles of spatial (dis-) orientation during piloting, and (ii) setting adequate behavioural experiments in real and virtual piloting situations allowing the testing of these models. CoSenses will use i-Mose (Interactive Motion Simulator at EuroMov), the 6 degrees-of-freedom motion simulator at EuroMov built by BEC (visit BEC Motion Simulators) .

Kick-off meeting in EuroMov: March 17-18, 2016.

Contact: Benoît Bardy and Jérémie Landrieu, EuroMov.