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EuroMov maintains its course in 2018
Transitioning to the new year is for me a unique opportunity to compile some very enthusiastic facts that happened in 2017. Looking back into the rearview mirror, we can indeed see traces of a very successful year for our center:
  • 41 international ISI-WoS publications (e.g., Npg Scientific Reports, Npg Schizophrenia, Neuromodulation, Frontiers in Human Neurosciences etc.),
  • 5 successfully funded proposal in national and international competitive calls (e.g., ANRORACCanadian NSERC-CREATE), and the strengthening of our collaboration with the clinical sector,
  • 3 successful technological transfer projects, in net progress thanks to the effort of SATT-AxLR in accompanying our valorisation projects, and the stabilisation of our beloved startups (e.g., AVIITAM, NATURALPAD),
  • 1 prestigious award, Trophée des étoiles de l’Europe (The Europe’s stars), for the European project AlterEgo, and organisation of several national conferences (e.g., IFR HANDICAP, SOFPEL),
  • 9 successful professional insertions for our young researchers (Germany, Australia, Canada, China, France) et staff (France)

However 2017 already vanishes in the background, and 2018 largely opens its doors in front of us. Looking ahead at the horizon, we already see some important milestones coming up:
  •  writing/submission of our new national and european research proposals,
  • intensification of our internationally-orientated research training programs (e.g., Canada, China, Europe, Iraq, USA),
  • strengthening our regional partnership, including with Mines Telecom Ales (former Ecole des Mines d’Alès) and the hospital sector (e.g., FHU REGENHAB), in the context of the I-SITE MUSE,
  • the take off of the Flying Carpet, the new 3D immersive and interactive motion simulator of our EuroMov Technological Platform,
  • the fifth anniversary of the EuroMov centre  (sh!, this is a surprise !),
  • a new brochure for the centre ! to download the brochure →
We will soon have the opportunity, during the next EuroMov General Assembly, scheduled on January 18, 2018, to discuss these and many other issues.
Dear friends and colleagues, in the name of the whole EuroMov team, I wish you a magnificent year 2018 !

Pr. Benoît Bardy, director of the EuroMov center