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EuroMov at the 45th meeting of Physical Medicine and Readaptation (EMPR)

From March 15-17, 2017, the 45th meeting of Physical Medicine and Readaptation (EMPR) was held at Corum in Montpellier.

EuroMov participated at the meeting on March 15th, where they presented 3 projects and communicated with professionals and research experts in the field of medicine and rehabilitation.  The following three projects were presented:
– Virtual Move: analysis of human posture and locomotion during situations in which gravito-inertial perturbations are present (ie: riding transportation such as a boat, train, etc…)
– Beat Health: re-education of walking for Parkinson’s patients using an accompaning device to coordinate locomotion with an adaptive auditory rhythm.
– Alter Ego: resocialization of Schizophrena patients using a virtual double to improve social-interaction.

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