EuroMov, European Research Center on Human Movement +33 434 432 630 EuroMov is a research centre of Université de Montpellier Université de Montpellier
EuroMov & 3D printing

3D printing starts at EuroMov to create first objects require by researchers.

1) Protective case for the EEG/EMG TMSI Refa signal transmission device.  This special case is designed to protect the electrial parts of the device.

2) Hard disk adapter case that allows 2.5 inch hard disks to be inserted into 3.5 inch hard disk slots.  The creation of this adapter case will allow us to use older or specialized computers, with new and interchangable components.

3) The “false mouse” or “tablet mouse”, designed for the project ReArm, consists of a mouse-like device where the tablet’s pen is attached to the device vertically without touching the tablet screen.   The “false mouse” can be easily moved across the smooth tablet screen.  The “false mouse” is ideal for users with poor motor-control, the mouse transforms shaky and noisy movements into precise smooth movements thus allowing individuals with motor impairments to regain the ability to use portable technologies.  We are preparing several versions where each user account will be stored on the tablet for repeated usage.

4) Pedestal for a cylindrical webcam attached to a rolling table, the webcam is stablly fixed and can rotate almost 360 degrees.