EuroMov, European Research Center on Human Movement +33 434 432 630 EuroMov is a research centre of Université de Montpellier Université de Montpellier

A unique centre in Europe

An international nexus on human movement, linking research, technology, and innovation

A privileged implantation at the heart of the sixth french university

An immediate proximity of research organisms, academic structures, and hospitals

An exceptional environment

A brand new, ecologically-designed construction, built around a planted patio and in the the heart of a wooded parc.


is a european centre for research and innovation in the science of movement. At EuroMov we conduct fundamental and clinical research on movement, gesture, physical activity. We propose innovative technological solutions allowing the capture, simulation,learning and rehabilitation of movement. EuroMov contributes to the creation of innovative starts ups and businesses in the field of health, performance, sport, human factors, and rehabilitation.

The EuroMov concept

EuroMov is a pollinator of ideas, a nexus expertise, knowledge, and innovation in the field of movement, physical activity, health. Together as scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs, both from the public and private sectors, we join our forces in research and R&D collaborative projects to produce new knowledge and offer new health-oriented IT solutions.

Technological platform

Of international dimension with unique-in-the-world equipment (e.g., our motion simulator imose), the EuroMov technological platform offers to its multiple users — R&D services, research teams, hospitals and rehabilitation centres — a battery of systems for measuring, capturing, visualizing, analysing and modelling movement, in a multi-methodological approach encouraging public-privage partnerships
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Incubation of innovative projects

EuroMov facilites the entrepreneurial process, welcomes young entrepreneurs and offers support services, in partnership with most regional incubators (e.g., LRI, BIC, INNOV-UP, LRSET, AxLR, etc..), and in cooperation with our team of researchers.


Seventy scientists, among which three members of the French University Institute (IUF), and two laureates of the Chercheur d’Avenir Languedoc-Roussilllon contest,  compose the EuroMov research force. Their goal is to discover the fundamental principles governing human movement. They develop innovative solutions in the sectors of health, rehabilitation, sport, ageing, robotics, and ergonomics.
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Support services R&D

To European and international R&D services, EuroMov offers a bilateral partnership, the opportunity to localize an office in the hearty of the centre, in direct contact with researchers, engineers, PhD students and post-docs, with a privileged access to its technology.
Support services R&D

An architectural jewel box for your workshop

Multiple academic seminars, technological workshops, summer schools, H2020 european training, scientific conferences are regularly organized in EuroMov, and benefit from an ideal architecture and a state-of-the art IT equipment.
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The ambition to create a centre in Europe dedicated to human movement was born in 2005 within the ENACTIVE european network of excellence (EU FP6 IST). The centre was funded by the Contrat Plan Etat-Région 2007-2013, the Languedoc-Roussillon region, the Conseil Général de l’Hérault, Montpellier Agglomération, and the European Commission.

The planetary alignment started in 2007 with the converging willpower of the European Commission (Enactive network), the Languedoc-Roussillon region (contrat de projet 2007-2013), and Montpellier-1 University (contrat quadriennal 2007-2010). Our ambition was to built a international centre of excellence, attracting visionary researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs in human movement, at the interface of health and information technology.

Pr. Benoît Bardy

Founder & Director

EuroMov is a research centre of the University of Montpellier.
It was inaugurated on June 24, 2013.

The EuroMov Partners

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technological plaforms

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The EuroMov architects Gilles Cusy, Michel Maraval, Orianne Champavier have conceived and built a 2500 m2 HEQ building. They have offered us a large patio inhabited by a mediterranean vegetation.

A soothing architecture

Our project is inspired by the notion of movement. Its spatial layout is organized around two main ideas: The wooden ribbon envelope, and the planted patio. From different angles the wooden exterior comes closer or retreats; both the material and thickness of the wood create openings of light and transparencies. This visual movement creates spatial variations and variable depth.

The second main idea concerns the subtle organization of spaces around a planted patio. In the same way that the exterior “dialogues” with the surrounding landscape, the interior patio concentrates on bringing together and uniting people and activities. This heart of the project becomes a place for conviviality and exchange; it is a privileged, protected, and welcoming environment.  As a counterpoint to the patio, a white monolithic structure creates an arresting contrast. It stands as the opposite of the patio’s emptiness. This singular architectural form, a symbol of technology and research, creates a dualism between the organic and technological worlds. Immobile, it paradoxically includes the most mobile space of the entire facility: the multisensory robot room. It is the place where the human experiments will take place. It stands apart from the exterior envelope and symbolises controlled movement. The EuroMov project is complex and ambitious, best expressed by simple ideas and shapes.

Schéma de l'organisation

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Le Centre EuroMov est au sein du Campus de l’UFR STAPS de l’Université de Montpellier.

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Hôpital CHRU Lapeyronie

Hôpital CHRU Lapeyronie

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